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Effnetplattformen consists of the parent company Effnetplattformen AB, its wholly owned subsidiary Effnet AB and investments in Axxonen Properties AB and CasinoWilds Holding AB. The parent company's strategy is to own and invest in companies with interesting potential for growth and to use its structure, capital and know-how to assist other companies in going from private to public companies.

If you are looking for information concerning Samhällsbyggnadsbolaget i Norden AB, the real estate business, that during a period traded under the name Effnetplattformen AB please see www.sbbnorden.se.

Effnet AB

Effnet AB develops and sells the Effnet Header Compression product family, which consists of software applications that increase the efficiency, speed, and reliability of Internet Protocol (IP) traffic in fixed, mobile, and satellite networks. Its customers include chipset companies and manufacturers of satellite and telecommunications equipment. For more information about Effnet AB, please visit www.effnet.com

Axxonen Properties

Axxonen Properties AB is a property development company active primarily with premium residential developments in the greater Stockholm area. For more information about Axxonen, please visit www.axxonenproperties.se


CasinoWilds Holding AB invests in companies active within the area of internet based gambling. The company has its own technology platform for net based casinos. Recently, CasinoWilds, a site for mobile gambling was launched. For more information about CasinoWilds Holding AB, please visit www.casinowildsholding.com


2018-02-23: Effnet launches 4G/5G Protocol Stack software solution

2018-02-09: Bokslutskommuniké Januari - december 2017

2018-02-06: Nedskrivningar i koncernens värdepappersinnehav påverkar bolagets resultat för fjärde kvartalet 2017 negativt

2018-01-22: Effnet licenses its header compression technology for Cellular IoT

2017-11-15: GoldBlue genomför emission inför notering på Nasdaq First North

2017-10-27: Delårsrapport Januari - september 2017

2017-09-27: Effnet licenses its header compression technology to ND SatCom

2017-09-04: Effnet licenses its header compression technology for WAN optimization

2017-08-25: Delårsrapport Januari - juni 2017

2017-07-05: Effnet announces appointment of WeGoes as representative in Korea

2017-06-15: Bolagsverket har registrerat namnet Effnetplattformen AB (publ)

2017-06-13: Effnet licenses its header compression technology to Mavenir

2017-05-29: Slutligt resultat av Effnetplattformens nyemission

2017-05-23: Effnetplattformens nyemission övertecknad

2017-05-12: Effnet licenses its header compression technology to ASR Microelectronics

2017-05-03: Publicering av informationsbroschyr avseende Effnetplattformens nyemission

2017-04-26: Effnetplattformen beslutar om tidigare aviserad nyemission

2017-04-25: Intressebolaget Axxonen Properties mot notering

Note that Effnetplattformen Dividend AB changed its name to Effnetplattformen AB with reg.no. 559085-5721 on 20 April 2017.

2017-04-20: Årsstämma i Effnetplattformen Dividend AB

2017-04-20: Effnetplattformen Dividend AB medverkar i kommande notering av GoldBlue

2017-04-19: Effnetplattformen Dividend AB laddar för nya affärer genom planerad nyemission

2017-04-10: Delårsrapport Januari - mars 2017

2017-04-07: Effnet licenses its header compression technology for Cellular IoT

2017-03-21: Kallelse till årsstämma den 20 april 2017

2017-03-20: Nytt datum för Effnetplattformen Dividends årsstämma och kvartalsrapport för första kvartalet 2017

2017-03-02: CasinoWilds Holdings nyemission övertecknad

2017-02-13: CasinoWilds genomför offensiv nyemission

2017-02-09: Information om fjärde kvartalet 2016 och helåret 2016

2017-01-20: Effnetplattformen Dividend AB (publ) noteras på First North, Nasdaq Stockholm den 23 januari 2017

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