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Effnetplattformen consists of the parent company Effnetplattformen AB and its wholly owned subsidiary Effnet AB. The parent company's strategy is to own and develop technology companies and to use its structure, capital and know-how to assist other companies in going from private to public companies.


Effnet AB develops and sells the Effnet Header Compression product family, which consists of software applications that increase the efficiency, speed, and reliability of Internet Protocol (IP) traffic in fixed, mobile, and satellite networks. Its customers include chipset companies and manufacturers of satellite and telecommunications equipment.

Årsredovisning 2015


2016-07-01: Trio Datacom places additional orders with Effnet

2016-06-16: Effnetplattformen förvärvar 10 % av Animated Games Sweden AB

2016-05-24: Korrigering av omkastade siffror i textbeskrivningen av eget kapital i delårsrapport jan-mar 2016

2016-05-20: Årsstämma i Effnetplattformen AB

2016-05-20: Delårsrapport Januari - mars 2016

2016-04-20: Kallelse till årsstämma den 20 maj 2016

Not:Ändrad adress mot vad som angetts i årsredovisningen.

2016-03-17: Effnet licenses its header compression technology to Inmarsat

2016-02-05: Bokslutskommuniké Januari - december 2015

2016-01-11: Effnet licenses its header compression technology to Trio Datacom, a Schneider Electric company

2015-10-22: Delårsrapport Januari - september 2015

2015-08-25: Delårsrapport Januari - juni 2015

2015-05-11: Effnet AB launches Effnet Backhaul Header Compression(TM) for backhaul over satellite, microwave and relay networks

2015-04-17: Delårsrapport Januari - mars 2015

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